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Big or small, we handle it all!

Our warehousing facility of 'flexible capacities', — open land as well as a covered area — is located at all the strategic container freight stations (CFS) and 320,000 inland ports, across the country. Within the warehouse, we extend a tech-enabled store and line feed process, including:

  • Temperature controlled, private, specialized, as well as bonded warehousing facility for both consolidated storage as well as a-la-carte storage of all kinds of freight — Bulk/Breakable/Liquid
  • Distribution centers and cross-dock loading facility to accommodate an endless supply of "Just in Time" cargo so that your goods are never left static.
  • Packaging and labeling provision like un-packaging, kit-building or bundling, re-packaging, barcoding, promotional bundling and assembling goods, products or materials as well as sequencing and trolley loading facilities.
  • Customized billing facility, designed to suit specific business operations and preferences of our clients.
  • Last mile delivery and reverse/return pickups which involves handling reverse logistics (i.e., receiving, processing, storage and dispatch of client returns as well as the grading and refurbishment of returned materials).

*Safety protocols are carefully followed for all stored goods at our every site.

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