About Us

ROUTIER is a logistics arm of EBIX GROUP, a conglomerate listed on the NASDAQ global market and named in Fortune's 2017, 100 fastest growing companies! Providing quality services and customized supply-chain solutions, we take the stress out of your move by moving the way you want.

As a technology-driven entity, we provide end-to-end logistics solutions for B2B trucking, air freight, shipping cargo, movers and packers, as well as middle-mile to end-mile service for courier goods. We apply innovative, driver-relay model to ensure the prompt and safe delivery of goods across India as well as at our global touchpoints.

Logistics sector across the globe has been riddled with inefficiencies especially in developing economies which are focusing on manufacturing. This sector is the backbone of every economy — where, from a pen to a chair to garment manufacturer needs transparent supply chain solutions that could safely reach to their product seller/customer vicinity. We, at ROUTIER, also believe that trade should be free from third-party interference, confusing terms, and opaque pricing. And, that's something that drives us to build technologies that streamline logistics communications.

Additionally, as an ethical service provider, we aren't limited to implement our technological strength only to the industry of shipping, rather we practice smarter trading that impacts everyone, from the shippers to carriers to everyone involved — including those who consume the goods. We truly consider that when you trade transparent, your deals close faster, ships sail to capacity and the entire supply chain benefits. This is why ROUTIER is trusted globally not only as an 'entity' but as an 'experience' to esteem!

As a one-stop solution for all your logistics needs, ROUTIER takes immense pleasure to offer you:

  • An agile as well as supple supply chain owing to a wide offering of collaborative solutions between manufacturers and suppliers & carriers and shippers.
  • Operational expertise that can reduce your inventory and investment costs
  • Improved delivery times by coordinating multiple components efficiently
  • Unmatched depth of countrywide network with more than 3 lac touchpoints
  • Strong technical proficiency in all our operations, including data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and end-to-end streamlined functionality available over the cloud.

For safe, secure, and transparent logistics solutions, call ROUTIER!

Our Vision

To excel in the logistic market, worldwide, as an avant-garde single window provider for end-to- end logistics solutions, offering customized, cost-effective, time-sensitive, and integrated service into customers' existing network.

Our Mission

Set standards for quality, consistency, and commitment in the integrated logistics business across the world. Ensure maximum value to our clients by providing creative solutions assisted by leading-edge technology-driven logistical support, anytime, anywhere.

Our Technological Strength

Not just trace and track, we provide you with total control over your cargo through our AI-driven technological capabilities wherein you will get complete visibility of:

  • Multi-faceted profitability chances
  • Order failures and unserviceable orders
  • Web-based real-time shipment data
  • Customized reporting
  • Time reliability
  • GPS and centralized control to monitors trucks 24/7/365 days

Install our app today and you will be able to track and trace your consignments, any time, as per your convenience.