Routier use technology to change the way people move and receive goods. Logistics sector across the globe has been riddled with inefficiencies especially in developing economies which are focusing on Manufacturing. This sector is the backbone of every economy, where from a pen to a chair manufacturer needs supply chain solutions to reach your vicinity.

We believe trade should be free from third-party interference, confusing terms, and opaque pricing. Thats something shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders all agree on, and thats what drives us to build technologies that streamline logistic communications.

Our scope isnt limited to the industry of shipping; smarter trading impacts everyone, from the shippers themselves to those who consume the goods. When trade is transparent, deals close faster, ships sail to capacity, and the entire supply chain benefits.

For Shippers

If you want to move goods seven days a week, or seven days in a month, or even seven days in a year, we will ensure seamless service to you anytime, anywhere!

For Carriers

We make sure that your truck never goes empty from any destination across the country whether you are shipping motorcycles or milk, apples or televisions, iron ore or garments we can help you find a return load and aid in maximizing your profits. Let us know your truck type, its capacity, and location. We will get in touch with you.


Routier Routier

ROUTIER is Customized to your Logistics Needs

Live tracking of goods through GPS


With our proprietary technology, smart people, and resounding commitment to service, Routier adapts to and delivers on our customers' and transportation providers' needs.



No matter where you are, our Pan India Network has your back.

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